12-Year-Old Child Prodigy Autumn de Forest is Selling Paintings for $25,000

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It’s not uncommon for discerning art collectors to drop thousands on fine art for their walls, but it’s not as commonplace for the piece to be by a 12-year-old. Then again, most people would never guess these seemingly Warhol-inspired works to have been painted by a kid.

Autumn de Forest has been painting since she was five or six, and has become one of Park West Gallery’s top-selling artists. With her work being sold for as much as $25,000, Autumn was even called “an artistic genius” and a “child prodigy” in a special program produced by The Discovery Channel. With her artistic focus flying from The Little Mermaid to American Gothic, Autumn’s talent is inarguable. Plus, her work hangs alongside Picasso, Miro, Dali, and Chadall on Park West Gallery’s walls—pretty impressive no matter the age.

“The art of Autumn de Forest already exhibits a maturity and depth that many artists never achieve,” says Albert Scaglione, Founder & CEO of Park West Gallery. “She is an amazing person, an avid reader and a sponge for all that is good around her. She and her parents have chosen me to be her art dealer. It is a serious responsibility, but more so a blessing.”

Business has really been booming for the artist, who was commissioned by Disney to create a series of Disney Princess paintings and was asked to speak at Harvard University about the importance of keeping art programs in schools. She was also the official artist of the 2014 Valspar Championship and was part of Aeropostale’s Epic Kids campaign.

We weren’t shocked to learn that Autumn comes from quite the artistic family—including painters Roy de Forest (American, 1930-2007), Lockwood de Forest (American, 1850-1932) and George de Forest Brush (American, 1855-1941). She’s also the youngest living descendent of Robert W. de Forest, the former Director of NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art. She’s also incredibly concerned with giving back and has donated to causes ranging from relief efforts in Haiti and Japan to donating to Habitat For Humanity and the Professional Golfers Association.

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11-Year-Old Masters the Business of Fine Art

Detroit, MI — Founded in 1969 by Albert Scaglione, Park West Gallery has become one of Detroit’s most revered businesses. In the past several decades, the gallery has helped foster the careers of many aspiring artists most recently, 11-year-old Autumn de Forest. Scaglione has personally taken de Forest under his wing and as a result she has become the youngest artist ever to be part of Park West’s esteemed roster which also includes Romero Britto, Peter Max and the late Thomas Kinkade.

Furthermore, the Scagliones and the Park West Foundation have donated extensive collections of art and art books to many prestigious universities and educational institutions including: Central Michigan University, Eastern Michigan University, Ferris State University, Grand Valley State University, Henry Ford Community College, and Jackson Community College among others. Through their generosity, students, faculty, staff and visitors can discover the arts through the rich portrayals of artists from around the world.

Autumn de Forest is certainly creating a name for herself in the art world. At the young age of 11, the child prodigy has garnered national and international acclaim for her artwork. Since beginning her career at age 7, de Forest has become a well-known and highly-collected Artist.

Her artistic style has been compared to iconic abstract painters including Andy Warhol, Jackson Pollock and the Modern Master Pablo Picasso. Notably, Autumn de Forest’s Collectors have acquired the majority of works offered and presented at each and every one of her recent exhibitions. Quite an extraordinary accomplishment for this young prodigy.

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